18 Sep. 2017


AGORA 2017

Hangar 14 at the heart of AGORA 2017

The AGORA Biennial of Architecture, Planning and Design is taking place in Bordeaux between 14 and 24 September 2017.



Scheduled in 59 venues across the metropolis, the Biennial’s 7th edition offers an in-depth study of metropolitan landscapes via a busy programme including exhibitions, conferences, round table discussions, urban walks, film screenings and artistic performances.


AGORA 2017 reflects upon a key element feature of metropolises: landscapes. Belgian architect and landscaper Bas Smets, who is this biennial’s guest curator, hopes to offer the general public a better understanding.

Hangar 14 at the heart of AGORA 2017


Hangar 14 is welcoming the “Augmented Landscapes” exhibition between 20 and 24 September 2017. For the occasion, the interior of Hangar 14 has been transformed into a landscape, with over 300 trees and even a miniature Garonne River weaving its way through the forest. This scenography sets the tone for the 7th edition of the Bordeaux Agora Biennial, exploring “Metropolitan Landscapes” in order to reinvent the role of landscapes in growing metropolises.


Bonus: a visit to Hangar 14


Those with an interest in architecture, planning and design will be able to come and discover the heart of the Agora Biennial 2017 on guided tours of Hangar 14, which will run from Wednesday 20 until Sunday 24 September. The Agora team offers visits in and around Hangar 14, giving insights into the notions and concepts addressed there.

To see the program or for more information : www.agora.fr


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