12 Jun. 2017


Audio-Visual Team

Audio-Visual Team 

Bordeaux Events offers an exceptional Audio-Visual Team who are dedicated to providing you with advice and expertise to create a tailor-made event just for you.

Our audio-visual team, comprising four technical managers and one technician, guarantees a bespoke service according to the needs and demands of each and every event. The team is involved from the very start: from the design phase and then throughout each stage of the event to ensure the smooth running of all technical aspects.


Testimonial: Bruno Santa, an audio-visual manager for Bordeaux Events with over 20 years of experience, gives us an insight into the job:


Customer support from A to Z


The first stage of our job consists in conducting a preliminary interview with the customer. Some organisers already have a set of specifications, but in other situations, we provide a consultation to ensure we create a tailor-made event which meets all their requirements and demands. 

We provide support in areas involving video projection, sound systems and lighting, as well as assistance with installation e.g. hanging speakers. 

Preparation time for audio-visual activities will vary depending on the type and size of event.

We advise installation the day before so that we can test that everything is running according to plan. We can provide a dedicated team which can sometimes count up to 30 technicians for large-scale events which require major on-site audio-visual arrangements.

Another aspect of our job: internal and external relations

Our job also has an administrative aspect which involves managing external service providers, e.g. outsourcing services, negotiations of quotes, follow-up, etc.

At internal level, we advise on audio-visual equipment for investment projects on sites.

For example, for the new entrance hall in the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre, we took part in consultation meetings with project managers to select the equipment.


During one of the last events we hosted, the organiser wanted to use a smoke machine to create an ambience.

Although this installation seems relatively simple on face value, it required a lot of advance preparation to try and identify any potential problems. In this situation, we had to be prepared for any fire detection devices which might go off and hire a specific Security Officer.


With our support, you can provide your audience with a truly unique experience

Find out more about our audio-visual services: http://en.bordeaux-events.com/our-offer/Our-services/Sound-Image-Digital


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