24 May. 2017


Why organise a seminar?

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5 reasons for organising a corporate seminar  

A seminar takes places outside the work environment over a period of time which can vary in length (one or more days, a weekend...)

Team-building activities proposed during the event help strengthen team spirit and foster a sense of belonging to the company. 

1/ Getting to know each other better for better teamwork 

By coming together outside the usual company setting with its well-established habits, employees are more likely to bond and form new relationships.     

Seminars can propose workshops and breakout discussion groups to promote teamwork. 

They also provide an ideal format for mixing teams by enabling employees from different departments and ranks to exchange ideas and learn more about themselves as well as one another. 

Creating shared commitments and building team spirit are key steps to improving well-being within the company, therefore improving performance. 

2/ Rewarding employees and building loyalty  

It is essential to demonstrate satisfaction with the work your teams have accomplished through concrete actions and measures. Staff members need to be recognised for their efforts. 

Bringing employees together for a seminar is an effective way to reward their commitment by offering a special, relaxing time and a fun break just for them.  

3/ Making an announcement 

New organisation or information, a new product or a change in your business policy... seminars can provide the perfect opportunity for making an announcement or delivering a message to your employees. 

Bringing your team together outside company walls can make it easier to discuss this new information more freely and to raise objections in a more relaxed manner. 

4/ Defusing tension 

Disagreements may arise within a group, creating tension and affecting work. Meeting in a neutral place to discuss the reasons behind these disagreements and improvements which can be made helps resolve conflicts and start over with a clean slate.    

The participation of an external facilitator may also support conflict resolution. 

5/ Boosting productivity  

It is important for companies to provide opportunities to escape routine and restore their energy in order to increase the productivity of the workforce. By coming together in a new environment, your teams will be able to recharge their batteries and tap into new sources of inspiration to tackle upcoming challenges.    

Freed from their everyday worries and the hierarchical framework, your employees will be more inclined to give free rein to their imagination and spontaneity. This flow of energy very often gives rise to excellent ideas for your projects.  


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