22 Nov. 2017


Bordeaux Events is taking an environmentally responsible approach

Environmentally responsible coffee breaks

Bordeaux Events, along with its partner Bordeaux Chaumes Catering, is taking an environmentally responsible approach for professional events. 


In collaboration with its partner, Bordeaux Chaumes Catering (BCC), Bordeaux Events has decided to offer a 100% biodegradable coffee break service to organizers of professional events, opting for the use of compostable cups. 


This will result in close to 1 tonne of waste being fully recycled each year.

A responsible collaboration with dedicated service providers

Each year, Bordeaux Events hosts close to 300 professional events, all of which offer a coffee break service, contracted out to its partner, Bordeaux Chaumes Catering. The partners joined forces to find a solution for reducing the impact of this service in terms of waste. BCC was already working with recyclable cups, but wanted to take a step further, towards new products available on the events hospitality market, and especially biodegradable products which are even better for the environment, as they can be fully broken down and reintroduced as compost.

Unikeco: an environmentally responsible company from Gironde

Franck Chaumes, Manager of BCC and Vice-President of UMIH33 for Bordeaux Métropole, was responsible for initiating this plan, and making it a reality. He approached Cédric Bélanger, the founder of Unikeco, a local company offering a range of 100% biodegradable tableware and packaging to professionals in the events and hospitality sectors, who will supply the biodegradable cups to BCC. 

CEB’s work toward ongoing improvement

CEB has received ISO 14001 certification, which involved implementing environmental management procedures.

We are always on the lookout for alternative solutions allowing us to reduce the environmental impact of events. We remain in close contact with our service providers and clients in order to improve our procedures” explains Karine Santamaria, Bordeaux Events Director.

CEB’s 100% biodegradable coffee break service is an environmentally responsible measure, aimed at encouraging event organizers to reduce the environmental impact of their events. 


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