20 Sep. 2017



Véronique Sciuto

Sales Representative for Corporate Events 

A representative dedicated to the organization of business events.


Testimonial: Véronique Sciuto, who has been working at Bordeaux Events as a sales representative specializing in business events since 2012, talks to us about her job and her customers.


Can you describe to us what being a sales representative entails?


My job as a sales representative consists in spotting opportunities and developing Bordeaux Events’ portfolio of clients. I aim to seek out and attract new event organizers. I’m also responsible for maintaining good relationships with current clients in order to identify new opportunities for organizing an event at one of our sites.


I deal with the business events market, in other words business conventions, general meetings, roadshows, etc.

On a daily basis, I get in contact with businesses and present to them all the reasons why it would be a good idea to come to Bordeaux to organize an event in one of our venues. We are lucky enough to be able to offer an attractive destination with good accessibility, a dynamic economy and our gastronomic cuisine. Bordeaux is charming and our additional offer of 4 event venues in the city is a real asset. This means we are able to accommodate all kinds of business event, from simple meetings in a seminar format for just 50 people, to a large gathering of 1,500 people or more, with a stage performance and large-scale evening events.


Could you tell us a little about your clients? 

Our clients’ profiles vary significantly. They can be SMEs, regional or national businesses, or even companies in the CAC 40 index. These operate in a wide range of sectors including banking and insurance, industry, pharmacy, telecommunications, and many more. 

We also work with events agencies who are acting on behalf of their clients or responding independently to calls for proposals. 

Whatever the event, be it regional, national or international, the challenge for the organizers is always very important: launching a new product, informing shareholders, rewarding collaborators, motivating teams, announcing a new organization, etc.


How do you support your clients? 

I offer each of our clients a personalized proposition in terms of location and services.

Depending on their expectations, I will emphasize certain elements such as the accessibility of our sites and the city, the skills of our experienced technical and audiovisual team, the diversity in the range of hotels, or even the facilities in our ultra-connected spaces. 

Once a suitable proposition has been selected and approved, the dates confirmed and the space reserved; a business manager takes over. Their role is to support the organizer up until the day of the event. 

Finally, I have regular exchanges with our clients in order to ensure their satisfaction and to anticipate any new needs they may have. For example, we have built strong links with the company Sider, who specialize in distribution to professionals in construction finishing work and maintenance services for public organizations. The company consistently organize their annual business convention with us.


What is the most essential quality a sales representative needs to have? 

The most essential quality for a sales representative is to have good listening skills. These are crucial to ensure a good understanding of the demand and the needs of the client. It is important to pinpoint the expectations of the decision-maker in order to be able to give them the best possible advice. 

Every client is different and all have varying stress levels. Organizing an event is always a significant moment for businesses who wish to utilize this communication tool to the max. My role is therefore to support and reassure the businesses, responding effectively to their needs. 

Personalization is at the center of our approach. A survey of our clients revealed that 94% were satisfied by their collaboration with the Bordeaux Events team.


How active are you on social media? 

I use Twitter to keep myself up to date with the latest developments in the events market and I use LinkedIn to seek out new prospects and extend my professional network. It is important that as sales representatives, we use the various tools available to us in order to expand our address books. 

However, social media do not replace physical meetings. I also take part in trade fairs and professional events, allowing me to develop and identify opportunities as well as potential organizers or partners.


Have you got an anecdote you could share with us? 

Signing a contract can take a long time, requiring patience and perseverance. For example, I have just recently finalized an agreement with a key player in home sales. I have been in contact with them for several years but we were never able to find a date which worked to accommodate their business event, until this year. 

Commercial prospection really is painstaking work!


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