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28 Mar. 2017


The new edition of the European animated film exhibition, Cartoon Movie, was held at the Bordeaux Congress Centre from 8 to 10 March


After spending 7 years in Lyon, the Mecca of animated film came to Bordeaux for the first time  


For the first time, Bordeaux Events hosted the European animated film festival exhibition, Cartoon Movie, at the Bordeaux Congress Centre. Founded in 1999, Cartoon Movie quickly established itself as the leading European event for animation and cartoon projects. 

Auditoriums A and B in the Bordeaux Congress Centre were fitted out to host presentations of various projects. Auditorium A was decorated in lycra fabric to create an atmosphere relating to the artistic world. 

Breakfast and lunch took place in the Espace Pluriel which included a stage where various participants gave speeches and presented the programme. 

The reception area was embellished with contemporary furniture to host the Cartoon Games and the speed-meetings between professionals. 

Bordeaux Events was responsible for security, signage, coffee breaks and stickers. 

On the morning of 8 March, the Grande Jonction was hosted in the Espace Pluriel. This is the iconic meeting of Bordeaux’s ecosystem along with its various partners. 

Organised for the first time in Bordeaux, the European animated film exhibition, Cartoon Movie, saw the number of visitors increase by 14% from the previous year with 850 participants (including many buyers) from 41 countries. 

The diversity of countries that produce animated films is still growing. This is mostly thanks to the dynamism of the Nordic countries which presented 11% of the projects. 

This year’s edition has also boasted a strong local influence with 7 out of the 55 European projects from Nouvelle-Aquitaine and developed by the Magelis Image Cluster. 

This event benefited from the strong momentum in Bordeaux metropolitan area in the creative and digital industries.   

Key Information

  • 850 directors, producers, investors, and distributers from 41 countries
  • Amphi A and B, Espace Pluriel
  • International event
  • 55 projects shown

Type of event: TRADE FAIR

Date: 8 to 10 March 2017

Number of guests: 850

Location: Bordeaux Congress Centre

Activity: animated film



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