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27 Mar. 2016

Olympiades des Métiers

The Olympiades des Métiers national finals were held at the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre from 9 to 11 March 2017

657 contestants from 14 regions gathered together to represent 61 trades during the major crafts and apprenticeship event 


Bordeaux Exhibition Centre hosted the 44th Olympiades des Métiers final from 9 to 11 March 2017. The Bordeaux Events teams did a full custom conversion of Halls 1 and 3 of the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre in order to create this major event. 

The 50,400 m2 of Hall 1 was almost entirely used to host the different disciplines in the competition, in the food, services, ICT, plants, automotive, industry, civil engineering and maintenance sectors. The catering teams were also accommodated in this space. 

Hall 3 with its 8,000 m2 was fitted out to accommodate the opening and closing ceremonies with the installation of 2,972 seats in the tiers and 1,000 chairs in the centre. 

Finally, 3 conference rooms (each 150 m2) were prepared in order to host the conferences and cocktails for VIPs and partners. 

Outside, the central reserves where modified, firstly to allow access by different types of vehicles, and secondly to accommodate several animation areas. 

“This event was a real challenge for our teams who had been working on the project for over a year. Our aim was to fully understand and anticipate each detail in order to make the Olympiades des Métiers final a success and a moment to be proud of, not only for Bordeaux Events but also for the region and all the participating teams. We are proud to have contributed to this wonderful event that spotlights French know-how and helps to train young people in crafts and apprenticeship trades. With 657 contestants from 14 regions representing 61 trades along with 600 volunteers and 300 partner companies, the WorldSkills competition is more than just a competition, it is a vibrant community”, explains Alexis Rozès, Bordeaux Events project manager responsible the Olympiades des Métiers project.



Interview with Damien Moncassin, WorldSkills Project Leader, Nouvelle Aquitaine Region:


Could you briefly describe the Olympiades des Métiers ? 

The Olympiades des Métiers is a high-level competition and a talent show. More than a contest, it is a genuine tool for direct guidance, showcasing youth through contestants whose excellence encourages the young generation to find a vocation in life.

The competition is also open to people with disabilities under the aegis of Abilympics.

In all, there are 657 contestants from 14 regions demonstrating their know-how in more than 60 trades. 

What have been the highlights of this 2017 event? 

The first highlight was the challenge of accommodating 60 businesses from highly varied sectors: food, manufacturing, ICT, services, plants, automotive, civil engineering and maintenance. We had to fit out spaces that were suitable for each kind of business.

We also wanted fair play and merit to be key factors for all contestants. The aim was to welcome each contestant in the best conditions and to offer them an event that matched their expectations.

Finally, the visits by schoolchildren, parents and families was a key moment for the Olympiades des Métiers. Thanks to the emotions, sharing and encouragement generated, these exchanges are what make this event so popular and welcoming. 

Have you achieved your objectives? 

The event ran as smoothly as we hoped, with almost 70,000 visitors over 3 days making the Olympiades des Métiers a genuine success. We were very happy with the facilities, especially the visit pathway created for schoolchildren, who were numerous this year.

The audiences were also impressive at the opening and closing ceremonies, with 3,500 and 4,500 people respectively. We are starting to get feedback from the satisfaction questionnaires which reflect a real enthusiasm for this 2017 edition of the Olympiades des Métiers final.

Key Information

  • Halls 1 and 3 of Bordeaux Exhibition Centre specially fitted out
  • 657 contestants, 14 regions, 61 trades
  • 600 volunteers and 300 partner companies


Date: 9 to 11 March 2017

Number of guests: 70,000

Location: Bordeaux Exhibition Centre

Activity: crafts and apprenticeship



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