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An agency dedicated to producing and staging events 

The Bordeaux Events team was won over by the Clemence Coiffe Agency and its creation of customised events


A team with passion


Founded by Clémence Coiffe, the agency that bears her name is made up of 5 people who think up events and bring them to life with care and sensitivity, creating the promise of unforgettable moments and performances which are sure to strike a chord with everyone.


From intimate suppers to gala dinners, from private cocktails to not-to-be-missed evenings, and not forgetting serious business seminars, subtle window displays and timeless gastronomic events, the team at the Clémence Coiffe Agency handles all the different components, from cutting-edge technical services to the most delicate floral decorations, providing you with a unique, tailor-made experience.


A word from the founder

“The problem we face in our profession is how to reinvent ourselves permanently. With my technical and creative team, we operate like a studio, or one might even say like a laboratory. We look for how we can make a difference through the means of an accessory, a light display or the colours in a flower arrangement. To do that, we keep an eye on the latest trends, accumulate ideas and often create our own decorative features.”


For more information visitwww.agenceclemencecoiffe.com