Our Favourites

Bordeaux Events shares its favourites

New services, startups in the events industry, new incentive activities...


We have decided to create a section for “Our Favourites”!


The idea is to present local service providers in events management and business tourism who have completely won over our team.


Our aim is not to produce a directory of recommended service providers; this section is intended to share any finds we come across and highlight those services that particularly attract our attention.

Creators of innovative enterprises, or key professionals in the Bordeaux Metropolitan area, we may have been impressed by the quality of the service they provided or the support they gave to our customer organisers. They come from all walks of life and are involved in all types of different activities.


Some of them we discovered at hosted events, while others already work regularly on our sites.


We are pleased to be working with them, this is why we will introduce them to you as we come across them and get to know them.